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Suggested reading  

Below you see cactus related books that I bought and a few comments on each book. By clicking on the book covers you will be directed to amazon online store where you can read other users comments, look inside some books and purchase it if you want.

The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents by Terry Hewitt.

One of the first books I bought. It has a lot of information about some representative cactus and succulent species of each genus. This presentation is accompanied by a little useful table that tells you how the plant grows (height, diameter) and the minimum temperatures. Very impressive photos of cacti flowers of very good quality. You will also find some cactus care info as well as suggestions on how to display your cactus collection whether on a shelf or outside. This book is useful to those who are interested in both cacti and other succulents.

Cactus: The Most Beautiful Species and Their Care by Elizabeth Manke

This is a really useful book although not very large. It has also a presentation of some cactus species. Very informative is the general genus care info. There you can read some special advice for each genus. Pests are also described and advice is given. Through the book, the author provides some extra tips about watering, pests etc. You can also find a cactus care calendar for each month of the year, so you can know what to do and when. Pictures are good, so it can help you in identifying some of your cacti.

Simon & Schuster's Guide to Cacti and Succulents

This book is useful as a reference and (maybe) for cactus identification. I said maybe because the photographs are not of very good quality. When going through the presented species you will find useful the thermometer next to each species (I did). It shows you the minimum temperature of each cactus, so you can get an idea. This was the main reason I bought this book. Although the title says that it is a guide to cacti and succulents, most species presented are cacti.

The Complete Guide to Growing Cacti & Succulents by Miles Anderson

A book I would describe as similar with the first (by Terry Hewitt). It has also cactus display suggestions, information on care, pests, origin of cacti. Then, there is a presentation of some cacti and succulents. Along with each genus-species info you will find symbols telling you about where you can grow the cactus (inside, windowsill, outdoors etc.). Good quality pictures are also provided. This book is also suitable for those interested in other succulents.

The Cactus Family by Edward F. Anderson

A really large book (776 pages)! This is to my opinion more useful to someone really interested in botanical information. You can say its a botanical cactus encyclopedia. For someone interested in finding the name of his/her plant, it is really useful because the descriptions are very detailed. The book has a lot of pictures, although (unfortunately) not for every species listed. Therefore, I'm still missing some names in my collection :-). In the book you will find general cactus care information but not separately for each genus or species. Another section of the book describes the origin and the uses of cacti. 

The Plantfinder's Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents by Keith Grantham, Paul Klaassen

A very good quality book packed with a lot of info. Although it might look slim (192 pages), it is full of very useful info for cacti and succulents in general but also genus and species specific. Inside you will find cactus and succulent care information and a selection of species. Very useful is a table provided at the end of the book which is a growing - dormancy calendar for each plant genus. So you will know when you can start watering your plants and when to stop it (and leave them alone). This is a book that I love and although I read it a few times (in winter), I always come back and try to locate something I found only in this book and not in others (soil preference for some species, special care info, calendar etc.). Photos are of very good quality.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Cacti by Libor Kunte, Rudolf Subik

This book that looks kind of small to be the complete encyclopedia of cacti, has, first of all, a very low price, if you consider it is hardcover and has 350 pages. The book has a few general cactus care information at the beginning. Then, a lot of cactus species are presented, not alphabetically, but by region. So, you will see some species from Bolivia, Mexico etc. I ordered this book because of the low cost along with some other books. When I received it, it was a real surprise! First of all, almost all the species presented have also an accompanying photo. Although the authors note that they don't give much emphasis on cactus care, along with each species presented you can see if the cactus can be left cold in winter but also special info about it's preferences, I did not find in books that stated that they were more care oriented.

101 Essential Tips: Cacti & Succulents by Terry Hewitt

This is a (very) small version of the first book. So, if you have the first book (by Terry Hewitt) you don't really need it. For someone who wants only the very basic info about cacti, it can be useful.

Of course there are a lot of other cactus related books. By clicking here you are going to be redirected to amazons bookstore cactus and succulents books Category. There you find cactus books you can look inside and even search for keywords inside of some of them, sort them by best selling, price, reviews etc.