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Monthly cactus care

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This is usually a very hot month here in Greece and also a vacation month for most of us. So, a few steps must be taken before departing for summer holidays. Besides that, for the first half of the month the basic care is the same as for the previous month. This means, a lot of cacti are in their summer resting period and care should be taken not to overwater them, or not to water at all.

During the very hot days, watering should be avoided especially for cacti that grew and flowered early in spring. One watering every 2 or 3 weeks is usually enough. But there are some cacti that grow normally during this period. These cacti should be watered normally, once a week or a few days after the soil has dried up from the previous watering. In this category fall a lot of columnar cacti that usually grow this time of the year. This is also true for cacti of the genus gymnocalycium, coryphantha and echinopsis which grow and flower this month, but also for the epiphytic cacti.

This month, usually most of us are away for summer holidays. In contrast to other plants you might have, cacti are the only plants you will not have to worry about.
Just a few measures that must be taken into account: cacti should be in a spot where they will not have to "swim" in water in case of a heavy rainfall or storm that is common this month. Also, the location of the cacti should not leave them exposed to the very hot sun for very long, especially for cacti that need some protection or shading.

When back from holidays, you can check cacti for their overall condition, pests, and they usually need to be watered.

Flowering now
Echinopsis oxygona, Gymnocalycium damsii, Gymnocalycium michanovichii, Gymnocalycium michanovichii var stenogonum, Gymnocalycium buenekeri, Mammillaria polythele, Thelocactus setispinus, Thelocactus bicolor and others.


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