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Monthly cactus care

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Cacti are still in their winter resting period. Except some few that are flowering this time of the year, the rest of them should remain unwatered. The ones that flower should be located somewhere with a lot of natural light during the day and should be watered every 2-3 weeks
carefully and with small amounts of water. Preferably the watering should be done in the morning
on days with good weather and not at all on rainy and cold days or on days with high atmosphere
humidity. Care must also be taken not to wet the plant body. Cacti that are flowering can be kept
inside but on a very bright location.
The rest of the cacti should stay out to take advandage of the low temperatures to make their
buds for the summer flowers, except species that do not tolerate low temperatures. On warm and sunny days (15+) some drops of water can be given to notocactus, parodia and gymnocalycium species, making sure that the plant bodies don't get wet.
Cacti shoud be protected from rain and/or water. If they are kept in a greenhouse or some other construction with plastic, they should be ventilated during days with good weather, avoiding cold air to affect the plants directly.
Cacti could be checked for mealy bugs and if any found, the affected plants should be quarantined in order to prevent the spread of the infestation.

Some cacti that flower this time of the year: mammillaria plumosa, mammillaria gracilis,
mammillaria hahnianna.

Some other succulents are also flowering during this period. These plants need also some amounts of water every now and then although with caution, especially when the weather is cold and damp.

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