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Africa - Αφρική (1)
Succulents South...
America - Αμερική (10)
CACSS Home Page, Cascade Cactus and, Central Ohio Cactus, Colorado Cactus and, CSSM, El Paso Cactus and, San Diego Cactus, Sociedad Mexicana, The Cactus, The Tucson Cactus...
Asia - Ασία (1)
Europe - Ευρώπη (11)
AIAPS, Arides, ASAC, British Cactus and, Czech Cacti, Deutsche, HCSS, Kakteenfreunde, OKMKS cacti and, Schweizerische...
Oceania - Ωκεανία (1)
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International Organization of Succulent Study - Διεθνής Οργανισμός για τη Μελέτη των παχύφυτων

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